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I fill my lungs with air and dive into the deep. To me this is the ultimate sense of freedom.

Stig Pryds - tahrir, egypt

When freediving I lose all sense of time and place. My pulse slows down to a minimum. My body shuts down all inessentialities and takes me under water. My brain activity is at a low. I let go and let myself fall. I dive freely. I am free! When I reach the water level and take my first deep breath, I am born again!

I have been freediving since January 2013 and already within that year, I could call myself one of the top 10 freedivers in the world. I train in the pool and in the open sea, and my training is combined with a central focus on diet, suppleness and mental training (yoga), breath holding, and lung exercises.

My passion for searching the deep has lifted me from a chronic arthritic condition to a strong, healthy and meaningful life. I develop my own training and techniques and feel the impact of an adjusted alkaline diet which supports my diving performance.